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VAT Services

  • Did your last VAT inspection cost your business money?
  • Are you sure your business has no partial exemption issues?
  • Do you own business premises from which you receive rental income?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, you may find that the services listed below will help. These services are in addition to the routine compliance services which we offer, involving maintaining accounting records and completion of VAT returns.

VAT Helpline

This service enables you to get our advice on the VAT liability of transactions or the recovery of VAT on purchases. Our VAT specialist will answer all calls within 24 hours and confirm these in writing if required. There is a fixed cost for each call that is billed monthly.

VAT Healthcheck

This comprises a meeting at your premises with our VAT specialist to discuss your business and to check on your basic compliance. During the meeting any potential for incurring costs or opportunities for savings should be identified and brought to your attention. A simple summary of conclusions will be sent after the meeting.

VAT Review

This comprises a day spent at your premises with our VAT specialist. During the day, he will discuss your business with you to identify areas where costs may be incurred or opportunities for savings may exist. Additionally, he will review the VAT return summaries, make selective checks of the accounting system and, at the end of the day, discuss his findings with you. Any conclusions will be confirmed in writing.