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Eacotts auto enrolment service

A new service from Eacotts, enabling employers to outsource their workplace pension obligations.

We will undertake your workforce assessment for each pay cycle, calculate contributions, issue your statutory communications to employees, maintain records for the Pension Regulator and upload contribution data to your pension provider

As the UK moves steadily towards compulsory workplace pensions for all employees, the pressure points and practicalities for employers are coming sharply into focus. Our Auto Enrolment service is open to employers who are currently at any stage in the process from just beginning to look at the choice of pension provider to those past their staging date or into auto-enrolment already. Our service includes:

  • Workforce assessment
  • Calculation of contributions
  • Distribution of employer communications compliant with the legislation but bespoke for your business and including your logo
  • Record-keeping to the standard set by the Pensions Regulator
  • Supply of contribution and member data to your pension provider

These ongoing services are provided in association with our payroll service

Additionally, we offer:

Advice on workplace pension choices

What are the alternative; where do existing scheme fit in; what if our existing scheme is qualifying but the provider refuses to accept all our workforce. Regulated advice will be provided by Eacotts Financial Services Ltd

Advice on auto-enrolment implementation.

How to do it; what it will cost now and by the time phasing is complete; how to manage the change from HR perspective; Salary Exchange; how to integrate with payroll processes; how to manage opt-ins, opt outs and whether to postpone; how to embed in organisation

These 2 services can be provided where payroll is processed in house or by other payroll agent as well as for clients outsourcing ongoing payroll and auto-enrolment to Eacotts