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Should you require assistance with your accounting work we can come to your offices and help out. Alternatively if your records are online we might help from our offices. In any event whether you use XeroQuickbooks, Sage or one of the other software packages, online or offline or even a manual bookkeeping system we can help you with your accounting to the extent that it works for you.

We can access your records on a monthly or quarterly basis and produce for you management accounts to confirm to you how your business is doing. At the same time we can prepare your VAT Returns if required.

If you wish you can outsource the whole accounting function to us and we will make sure that it stays compliant with UK regulations.

Many companies making inward investments into the UK do not have any office facilities in the UK at the start of their operations here and we therefore help them to get started, advising on employment contracts, payroll requirements and so on. There may be just one or two salespersons at the start with expense claims that need to be reimbursed. We can help at that point and we can continue to advise as the company grows, becomes more complex with its transactions and hopefully prospers.

At the end of the year we can prepare your annual Financial Statements, discuss them with you before finalising them and forwarding to you a soft copy and a hard copy if required.

We can prepare budgets, cash flow projections and business plans to support your business and any necessary finance application for expansion. At that time we can advise on how you might structure the finance using the different sources and types available.

We will work with you to help you create accumulate and maintain your wealth.