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Maidenhead is in The Royal Borough which includes two towns, Windsor with its Castle built in the 11th century and Maidenhead with its railway bridge still the longest span brick built bridge in the world.

Is it a good place for business ?  It’s pleasant for the employees, there are train connections to Slough and the west main line. By road there are generally good connections but there is a little work to be done getting out of town

Maidenhead is on the main railway line to the west and, like Slough, will be a station on the new Crossrail line giving easier access to east London and the business centre of Canary Wharf. It is close to Cliveden, the home of the Astor family until acquired by the National Trust, and the site where John Profumo, the cabinet minister, met up with Christine Keeler which eventually grew into the Profumo Affair of the 1960s.

Maidenhead is situated on the road to Bath, as is Slough, but 8 miles further west, nearer to Reading. On the road between the two towns and off to the right as one travels west is The Slough Trading Estate, the largest independently-owned trading estate in Europe under single ownership. Further on and just before one travels over the River Thames bridge into Maidenhead, to the right , is the site of the Skindles Hotel , now sadly in a state of disrepair, but apparently was a place of great fun, some say adulterous assignations too, in  the 20th century. Its guests included Winston Churchill and Princess Margaret while musicians who performed there included The Rolling Stones and The Strawbs. Later it became The Valbonne, an upmarket night club fitted out with bamboo and a swimming pool !

Wherever you are set up in business or working in The Royal Borough,  Eacotts are Accountants for Windsor and Accountants for Maidenhead,  Berkshire, the neighbouring counties, and the UK.

Eacotts Services in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire include:

Business advice in Maidenhead

Family Tax Planning in Maidenhead

Investment Advice in Maidenhead

Auditor in Maidenhead

Accounts Preparation in Maidenhead

Tax Return Preparation in Maidenhead

Outsource Services for payroll to Burnham

Outsource Services for your accounts office in Burnham. 

Corporation Tax advice in Maidenhead

Capital Gains Tax advice in Maidenhead

Income Tax advice in Maidenhead

Inheritance Tax advice in Maidenhead

VAT advice in Maidenhead

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